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About OZ Aviation English

Oz Aviation English was formed in 2015, when Michael Sinkovich was granted an instrument by CASA to conduct Aviation English Exams in Australia, which remains current to the present day

The exams may be conducted anywhere near Melbourne, although travel may take place within Australia with the venue agreed by both examiner and examinee


Competitive rates apply depending on location and anomalous circumstances

About The Examiner

  • Michael Sinkovich, a Melbourne-based professional, administering Aviation English exams under the ICAO regulated LPRs (Language Proficiency Requirements) since its inception in 2007.
  • Recognised as a Subject Matter Expert teaching and examining Aviation English topics relevant to ICAO LPRs.
  • Worked in China at Civil Aviation University (CAUC) in Tianjin and Civil Aviation Flight University (CAFUC) in Guang Han.
  • Previously employed by Airservices Australia as a Simulator Support Officer in the Air Traffic Control simulator at Melbourne Airport.
  • Lives in Melbourne with his wife Sabrina, 8yo daughter Maria and feline member Leo.
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Things You Need To Know About The Exam

This is a face to face oral exam and can take between 20 and 25 minutes

It will involve a brief radio communication between Air Traffic Controller and pilot. Candidates may also be given a picture description, a 2 minute talk on an aviation topic, but mostly questions and answers on any topic with an aviation theme

The applicant will be assessed on the 6 criteria outlined by ICAO

Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interaction

AELP Requirements In Australia

To hold an AELP, a person can do the following:

  • Apply for a licence flight test
  • Apply for a flight crew licence
  • Apply for and use an AROC
  • Apply for and use an RPL radio endorsement
  • Fly solo as a student pilot

An applicant will receive an AELP if assessed as meeting the standard in Part 61 MOS and completed the application form. The applicant’s licence will be endorsed with the AELP assessment and expiry date.

  • Level 6 – no expiry
  • Level 5 – 6 years
  • Level 4 – 3 years
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